Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Countdown's On

So it begins now in earnest. We have a date we have to be out of Great Ganett. It’s Friday  23 March, and Pat flies off to New Zealand for two weeks the day after.

The family moving in to the house, Liz and Simon, seem very pleasant, and I hope the cats behave themselves. The family  seem quite happy to take them on, but the cats have never had to be around young children, so it should be an interesting experience all round. I doubt if they will get as spoiled as they are at the moment.

On leaving the house,  I will be homeless for a week until I  take over The Cat’s Whiskers, the following weekend. I am hoping the boys will be finished a couple of days early, but that is going to depend on the weather. Everything is on schedule, but there is still a fair bit of painting to do on the hull, and that will be the deciding factor.

We still have loads to do around the house but it is going to be stuff that will have to be done on the run up to the evacuation. The loft is cleared and all Erica’s stuff has either been dumped or is in boxes in the garage. Pat seems to think the garage is a bit of a Tardis, and I am concerned that once we start getting a few bits of furniture in, it will start thinking very quickly, even though it’s a double garage/workshop. It’s all insulated though and cleared out, ready to receive.

I must say Pat is very organised and has organised a workstream, to get to the final date, involving such things as carpet cleaning and Kev’s departure. My son and heir is hopefully going first week of March.

Took a trip to Long Eaton yesterday for a look round the boat and Mick is well advanced laying the Amtico flooring, though his knees are complaining. The grain is not as dark as we thought, but looks good and Pat is well pleased. The bathroom sink is in, and works, so the bathroom is now finished, apart from putting a mirror up on the wall. The Cratch board is on and the cover has been measured up and will be fitted next week.
Cratch board in. Cover being fitted next week. Washing machine in cardboard box

Steps are in. Wardrobes to left and right

Unfortunately, my guitar will not fit in to the guitar cupboard, that John has made for me, beside the stove. It’s my fault and I still don’t know quite what went wrong,  but  the space can certainly be utilised and I will buy myself a hard guitar case and leave it in one of the wardrobes in the bedroom. We took up a couple of the stools we purchased at Ikea the other week and they fit fine, as well as our safe, the telly and my FM transmitter. Ohh, and the washing machine too.
Washing machine housing built. Going to put a TV on top of ledge.

Bathroom finished now that sink has been plumbed in

John is, at present, building the wall unit that will house the TV, stereo and all our books, DVD’s and CD’s. I have got rid of a load of CD’s but there are around 50 I can’t bear to be parted from and they will come onboard. I have had to redraw the unit a few times, but we know have a plan he can work to. Hopefully by the time we go back up on the 4th March, that will be in.
These Ikea stools are nice and comfy

Galley and Saloon area showing now defunct guitar cupboard with new Amtico floor down.

So now we need all the ancillary stuff, boathooks, life jackets, windlasses etc, as well as sourcing two 13kg propane bottles. Anybody got any spares out there?

I am planning a bit of a mini snagging cruise down the Trent & Mersey for a few days up to Easter with a couple of pals while Pat is away.