Friday, 13 May 2011

She purrs on paper

John and Mick have sent us through the contract and estimate for "The Cat's Whiskers" and I expect that Pat and I will plough through  all the paperwork this weekend. The deposit has been forwarded to the boys, but the bank is quoting three to five working days to transfer it, so who knows when it will hit their account. Why is it I could go on-line now, order something from the internet, and get it delivered free tomorrow morning, but the bank need almost a week to move money around?
For those interested here is a brief run-down of the boat's spec:
60ft Semi-Trad stern
Taff Seats to stern
Double skin semi-trad
Spray foam insulation
Lined in Oak
Painted cabin sides
Solid Oak trims
Beta 42 engine with twin alternators
Victron 1600 multi invertor
6 x 110 am leisure batteries
Stainless steel water tank
Bow thruster and charger
Chrome windows, and chome mushrooms and ironmongery
Thetford casette loo
Ikea sourced kitchen with circular breakfast bar in oak
Valor Willow solid fuel stove
LED lights in aft steps
Carch cover
Entertainment system including exterior speakers
Roof Box

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