Saturday, 24 September 2011

Roof on... Now she looks like a boat

Saturday 24 August
Paid my second visit to Narrowboats of Staffordshire yesterday. This was after a very hectic week's holiday when we first travelled over to France for the weekend with Pat's cousin to see their place on the Somme, and then we had three great days in Liverpool, doing the Beatles stuff with Pat's sister Monica, who is over here from Vancouver.
Checked out the new moorings for narrowboats in the Albert Dock, now the Leeds & Liverpool extends right down through the docks to the heart of the city. I fancy we will make that journey sometime in 2013.
This was the first time Pat had seen the boat "in the flesh" and now it really looks like a boat. While I took as many photos as I could she spent the time clambering over the insides, mentally ticking off boxes. It is hard to believe that, in a few months time, it will be our home.
Nigel told me that it more or less finished, apart from some detailing and a coat of primer. We are really pleased with the job they have made, and I particulary like the scrolling on the bow and locker.
Next Thursday she will will make the 40-mile journey over to Trent Lock when the Kingfisher boys take over and start to work their magic.
Which ones the Captain?

Check out the scrolling on the locker cover and front of bow

Does my head look big in this!

Lots of lovely space for Jan to do her sign writing

Stern section
We aim to be there to see her launched.

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