Friday, 23 August 2013

Barbecues, Bikes and a bit of Concussion

Hello folks. Here in the heart of Hertfordshire I am glad to report that after ten days on our mooring the sun continues to beat down on our solar panels, we are now on first name terms with most of the wildlife that splashes past, and the back of the boat has developed a fine sheen of spiders web covering the rails and tiller bar which sparkles in the sunshine. So, as you can see, our state of nirvana, is more or less complete.
That does not mean that we have been idle. Far from it. The comings and goings continue apace and we have now a slick catering package which can be rolled out at a moment’s notice, helped by our proximity to three supermarkets within five minutes of our mooring. So this week’s blog is dominated by our guest list. I think I missed photographing one or two of them, so apologies if you are reading this and do not appear. Even our tenants Liz and Simon, came down for a visit over the weekend.

Our old neighbour Christine, and our tenants in WGC Simon, Liz and family

Wendy & "Singing" Jim  (The new fold-up Dahon is in background)

Cousins Janet & Roy

Heather & Barrie

Anne & John 
Visitors to the boat will know I have a beloved Brompton fold-up bike, that is used for milk and paper runs most mornings. When we bought it we also secured a “Dahon” fold-up bike, an American make, which I really liked but didn’t fold down as small as the Brompton. I couldn’t bear to have it doing nothing in our garage in Welwyn Garden and I have now brought it on board. It is a super bike – very comfortable and very expensive and have put the Brompton in a cupboard to give the invertor some company.
This has been possible as Pat hired a car at the weekend. We had on board, our old neighbour Christine up from Kent, and used the car to visit old pals, do runs back to the house, and to pay a visit on Sunday afternoon to St Albans to celebrate my best pal John’s daughter’s birthday, at their annual barbecue. Cara’s birthday bashes are an essential part of our summer and this one was stood out for the “sack”, “egg throwing” and “wheelbarrow” races that somehow started after we had all had a few drinks. We think of John, Lorraine and their clan as our adopted family and it was good to see them all again. We hope to entertain them on board TCW when we are in central London in a couple of weeks.
The Tubridy-Deane clan with birthday girl Cara at the front

Beauty & The Beast

We have used the time in between welcoming guests to go back and forth to the house, mainly to do some running repairs to the garage and its roof. We only have one cat left now and within a few minutes of arriving Molly had found us and spent most of the afternoon either curled up on our laps or round our necks. I know that Pat would love to have her on board, but she is very old now, and I really think she is best in an environment she knows, even though she does not socialise with the family very much.
Molly gets a special cuddle in our garage in Welwyn Garden City
Considering the shape of TCW and my height, I have never bashed my head on the hatch or getting in and out of the cratch cover at the front of the boat. A number of our guests have, but on Saturday night that all changed. I thought the hatch was back and it was not, and I ended up with a bit of concussion, feeling sick, giddy and nauseous. Poor old Pat had to put up with me stomping round the boat into the wee small hours, feeling very sorry for myself.
We now have just a few days left here in Hertford and will be off next Tuesday morning. I have done an estimation of where we are likely to be on any given day between now and the 1st November, when we should arrive at our winter mooring at Mercia Marina in Willington, Derbyshire, so if you fancy an autumn cruise, let us know.
Just worked out that so far this season we have done 825 miles and 679 locks. Whew.....
Toodaloo 'til next week


  1. Nice to read your blog. Boy, don't you have some visitors? Anyway,to take you up on your estimates of where you're likely to be up to 1/11. Where do you think you'll be the first week of October?

  2. Hi you two. Did try and send you a text but its stayed in a draft format, so, just to say, that all being well, the first week in October will see us leaving Berkhamstead on the GUC and heading north through Marsworth, Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes. Are you heading south? WARNING: Beer is nearly £4 a pint down here. Be glad to get back into the Midlands.Aiming to be in Birmingham by the 20th October and back at Mercia for 1st November.