Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Here Comes The Son

We celebrated a first this weekend. Our son and heir visited the boat: he also stayed over to take advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend. It was just a shame the weather didn’t warrant us taking him out for a cruise. But we are hopeful that that will happen later this summer.

Kev joins us for a drink at the Boardwalk at the marina
However, I think the real reason Kev came up was to have his hair cut. He reckoned it was over 6 months ago that he last visited a barber, and you can see for yourself the result after Pat worked her magic.

From this

To this

Pat works her hairdressing magic

It was good to show him the site of the lodge we are having built and the marina in general. I think he had a good time, though I think he would have liked to have a bit more of a lay-in than we gave him.

Apart from that it’s been a quiet week. I managed to get the bilge painted, dodging the odd shower along the way. The temperatures have certainly dipped dramatically after the Mediterranean weather we had after Easter, and we have had to light the fire on several occasions, meaning more runs to the marina shop for sacks of coal. We are still OK for wood, though we had to get some kindling in last week as well.

We almost missed the bingo session last Wednesday. We knew it was imminent, but failed to put it in our diaries. Now, I have never, ever been to a bingo session, or even wanted to go, but we thought it right to support the leisure committee and it was OK. Pat won some money, but in truth, I found it a bit boring.

A study in concentration

We have now paid the balance of our deposit on the lodge and it looks like it will not be built until the autumn and arrives on site, shortly before Christmas. That will suit us.

We have told our tenants we are moving back in at the end of August. We have had the house valued and with a bit of TLC the agent predicts it could fetch a fair bit more than we had thought.

And that’s about it. Tonight we are going out with our “pontoon pals”, down the local in the village for a “Pie Night” and then, all being well, on Wednesday, we will cruise out of the marina, turn right, and head on through Burton to Alrewas, and then turn left at Fradley Junction on to the Coventry Canal. The weather forecast for the rest of the week in the Midlands is not fantastic, but early May is very changeable, so I am anticipating gloves and thermals at the very least. Hope to see some of you along the way.

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