Friday, 8 July 2016

Haera ra

Our last meal together with Livi, James, Erica and Ben in our local `One Fat Bird`
Well that six months certainly flew by and we are now just a few hours away from our flight tomorrow (Saturday) that gets us into Heathrow on Sunday afternoon.
I think we both have mixed feeling about returning, but we are ready and prepared for the worst the British summer can throw at us and looking forward to seeing our boy Kev and all our chums.. We have been following the UK weather forecasts and it does appear that the temperatures here in Wellington are only one or two degrees short of what is happening at home. Mind you, everybody here says this is not a typical Wellington winter, and today has been cold, wet and windy.
We will now have to wait and see when, and if, we are offered residency. There seems no reason why that shouldn’t happen but we have been advised it could take several more months. That being the case we will need to spend another 180 days here next year. I’m not complaining. We have really fallen for this place and all its little peculiarities and we are back mid-January, after stops in South Africa and Singapore.
Haera ra Aotearoa

(It’s speak Maori week in NZ)

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