Saturday, 24 March 2012

No Man's Land

Well this is a new territory for me. No home, no cats, no children and no wife, but dear friends all is well. My feet both hurt and I’m not sure why that is. It’s a bit worrying as I am listing to port at the moment, so just hope that is temporary. I am resting up for a couple of days before the regime resumes.
Yesterday we moved away from our home. It went OK and we spent the last hour or so sitting on the one piece of furniture left in our living room, stoking the cats.
They looked bemused as we left and handed over the keys to Simon and Liz, our new tenants, and the hour’s journey from Welwyn Garden City to the John Lewis Odney Country Club at Maidenhead, where we spent last night and where I am tonight (Saturday) was for me, full of excitement, regret, guilt, and concern. I don’t think Pat was equally affected, but I am a softie. At least I didn’t blub.
I have just dropped Pat off at Heathrow (30 minutes away) and I expect to see her plane fly over any moment. I have asked her to ask the pilot to tip the wings as they fly over!
Just before I dropped her off we went round to James’ parent’s pub, which is only a few minutes from the club. We had coffee with them in the pub garden. It was good to see them both. They are going to NZ to see the kids and the new grandchild in a few weeks too. The temperature was way above 20c, which is unseasonably warm for this time of year.
I am booked in here tonight and then going to spend a few days with my sister in Potters Bar.
I’m loading up with boxes for a Wednesday run to Trent Lock with my pal Bob and then repeat the operation on Friday. I think over the two runs we should get everything there that is currently in our garage.
I must say Pat has been exception in the planning of this adventure. She has literally thought of everything and it has gone extremely well, so well done, you. She can now have two weeks “goo-gooing” over her first grandchild. Feet permitting, I’ll have it all “ship shape” for her return. What’s that noise? There goes the plane.......... Oh well, never mind.

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