Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sign language

Had my penultimate journey to Trent Lock today, laden down with a car full of bedding, crockery, and a box of Spitfire, my co-pilot on the day, Bob, donated. Thanks Bob and Penny.
This still leaves a pile of stuff in our garage, and I have now just one more go at shifting it on Friday morning. I think it will all go in, but I am a bit worried about the bikes. Although they are fold up, they might be difficult to fit it.

The Picasso loaded for today's run

All this is further complicated by the petrol problems going on at the moment. We are at least a week away from a potential tanker driver strike, but already there are queues at the pumps. I should be OK to get up to Trent Lock on Friday but we will have to see after that. Pat comes back from New Zealand just after Easter, when all this will probably be going on. We’ll have to wait and see
The sign writing is all done and it is “fab”. I am so pleased with it. It’s just what I wanted and coming from a typographical background I didn’t want to make any compromises, and Jan has really done us proud. She even managed to get a few traditional symbols on the Bow Stripes. See pix.

I am well impressed with the sign writing
Took my BW licence application down the road to Sawley Marina, as they are agents for British Waterways. In fact, they are a division of BW. They took the application, gave me a receipt, and said they would send it off for me. I thought they would issue me a licence, and a number, that Jan could paint on the side of the boat before we set off. That is still possible, but I was hoping she could do it before the weekend.
The very unusual bow stripes
So, it’s a very early start on Friday. I will travel up to Welwyn Garden, strip the garage of everything marked up to go, and hope to be at Trent Lock around 10am. The man from Elite Furnishings is coming at 11am to deliver the super-douper sofa bed we have ordered and after lunch we are going out on a mini-cruise to check all is working and work on the trim of the boat.
I will blog again after the weekend.

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  1. I wish you both all the best on your new life I just wish, really wish it was me. Our dream is also to own a narrowboat - you have given us such inspirationwith your blog. We will not be able to live our a dream for at least a couple of years yet - hubby is still serving in the Armed Forces but one day hopefully we will bump into you on the cut. I will follow your endeavours with relish and again wish you all the very best on your new life and future journey.