Friday, 16 November 2012

Tearing Around Thailand

It's been two weeks now since we left the UK, and all is well. However, it did not start that way and our Bangkok flight from Heathrow was cancelled, so we spent the night at at local hotel and flew out the following day.

So we had only two days in Bangkok, but fitted a lot in with a food tour of the floating markets on day 2. Yummy food, which is what I will remember most about our Thai adventure.
Got lots of good pictures and will upload a load when I get to Australia.
It is supposed to be winter here but most days its hovered around 34 degrees. We assumed when we headed north to Chian Mai it would get a little cooler, but it was much the same. Made this bit of our journey with my pal David and his Thai wife Nong.

After a few days there we headed south for the beach and currently in the city of Pattaya. The guide books describe it as the centre for prostitution, drugs and general debauchery, and I suppose  its like Blackpool on Speed. It's tacky in parts, though our hotel, to the north of the city, is very pleasant, and full of our German friends,  who are still at it, with their beach towels!
On Monday night we leave from  Bangkok and fly to Brisbane via Sydney before travelling south for a week in Tasmania.


  1. Nice to hear from you both. Glad your adventures are going smoothly,apart from the odd towel that is.Looking forward to your pic's. We're slowly meandering our way towards Barton.Take care.

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  3. Roger and Pat you are a wonderful example of what we should all aspire to do with our lives. Great to see you are still living life to the max. Miss you at work Rog x