Monday, 3 December 2012

Tanned in Tasmania

I am pleased to report that they are "Decking the halls" with Australian holly as I write from Tasmania, and earlier this morning I head Dean Martin pleading over a supermarkrt PA to "Let It Snow, Let it Snow". I think there is about as much chance of that happening round here at the moment as being bitten by one of those pesky Tasmanian Devils.
Anyway, all is well with Pat and yours truly. Our access to wi fi has been problematic over the last week or so. So this will be a short blog. Record summer temperatures have followed us from the Gold Coast in Queensland, down to Melbourne and south to Tasmania, though today has been decidedly cooler.
We had three days in Hobart and we are currently in the north of the island in  Swiss mountain resort. Think Port Merian and "The Prisoner " and youll get the idea.
We both like Australia. Whats not to like, and its been great to catch up with old friends and family as we have travelled south. Everything is so expensive though, thanks to our pound being weak against the Aussie dollar .
We like Tasmania, but think its a bit overrated. They have some stunning coastlines but no better than in New Zealand and their food and wines are good but not great.
In some respects its very much like being at home. They are as paranoid about their weather as we are. there are fears about mass immigration - electricity prices are out of control - unemployment is rising - retail sales are stagnant - and nobody has  good word to say about their prime minister.
Pat gets spiritual in a wat in Chaing Mai

My oldest pal Stu, Nikki, and us on the Gold Coast
New Zealand next week.


  1. nice to know you're having such a good time - enjoy the sunshine cos we woke up yesterday morning to an ice crust on the canal. Didn't see that coming! Mind you, it has gone today. We are waiting for stoppage at Lapworth (should be lifted Friday) so we can get up into Birmingham.
    So, you see, you Southern Softies are in the best place right now!!
    Take care, Janice and Dai x

  2. We had 9 months in Queensland back in 1983 and loved every minute of it. To say I'm envious is an understatement especially as we have already had ice on the canal for two days now and more cold weather on the way! You also missed seeing the river Trent at Trent lock only feet away from flowing into the Erewash. If you get a chance of looking at my blog at it shows you what I mean.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip away,
    Irene & Ian

  3. Hi Both,it's great to hear from you and to see you're having such a good time.One thing though,it just doesn't look right to be standing under a Christmas Tree,outside,in shirt sleeves.We are just outside Burton On Trent,only a few miles from our destination for Christmas,just watching the weather to ensure we don't get iced in beforehand.Jan & Dai and Irene & Ian have said it all about the weather.keep the blog going and take care.
    Fred & Lisa.